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恋風 - Koi Kaze
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Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
7:07 pm
 I saw Koi Kaze a month ago and was suprised to find a community. That's pretty cool, though it's a little sad it's sparse.

I got into the anime because I love anything that makes an audience think. Incest in particular's... pretty thought provoking if you take away the instant hate due to taboo.

Current Mood: content
Sunday, May 6th, 2007
11:35 am
just an intro
Hello! I am aware this community hasn't gotten any posts in a few weeks, but I'd just like to write myself a little introduction.

My boyfriend, nishellsnick, actually got me into Koi Kaze. It was really unexpected because he's a complete metalhead who doesn't know much about anime. He works at our college's library, however, and he found it there and thought I'd be interested, since I'm really into Crazy Space Incest in Firefly, and Blackcest in Harry Potter.

I haven't finished watching the series yet, since the library only has the first two dvds, but it's already become one of my favorite anime (and I haven't really been into anime in years). I've been trying not to spoil it, but it doesn't always work when trying to find things on Koi Kaze.

Well, I'm glad I found this community.

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Sunday, July 30th, 2006
12:35 pm
I watched the japanese Anime Koi Kaze yesterday. It's was about two siblings with un-sibling love for each other, and it got me thinking about how incest is viewed nowaday. It's taboo, but I can't think of a single reason why it would be morally wrong (other than that it have a higher chance of producing mentally retarded babies), much to my surprise. We seem to simply accept it as taboo and wrong as a fact.

And even more to my surprise, I was holding my stomach in the climax of the story in Koi Kaze - not because it has gotten tragically wrong, but because of the fact that the feelings that I experience with the characters has been realized was so poignantly beautiful. Can something so beautiful be sinful? Can feelings be wrong? And why is it wrong to act upon such feelings?

I want to know why we shake our heads in disgust when we hear of incest, and I want to be sure that we're not simply being narrowminded. This issue has been on my mind ever since I read Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews, where incestuous love is also one of the few major themes covered by the book.

So, feel free to discuss the anime or the book, and your opinions on both.
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